Penny Stocks are those which can be traded at relatively low prices according to the market. Moreover, for investors to become penny stock traders, the requirement of capital is very less. Instead of having the advantage of low requirements of market capital, these stocks are considered to be high risk stocks, as they have an increased amount of liquidity and
large amount of asks for the bid spread. Penny stocks are traded through pink sheets, or on over the counter bulletin board (OTC Bulletin Board).Thesestocks require an eye for analyzing how the market fluctuates. Investors also need to be able to recognize patterns in the stock market to effectively trade penny stocks.

Which Penny Stocks to Buy: Tips for Beginners All stocks are different which is why market behavior pertaining to different kinds of stocks also varies from stock to stock. Here are a few tips for penny stock trading beginners to help them achieve the maximum returns from penny stocks while optimizing the risk that follows this trading style:

1. Careful Consideration: It is important to not get carried away by the promises that stock promoters make regarding a pink sheet listed company’s performance. Before investing, a bit of research would always go a long way and help you analyze stocksbetter and get higher returns.

2. Realistic Market Expectations: Investors often make the mistake of maintaining extremely high expectations from a stock that seems to be going up. Remember, the market can fluctuate at any given point and the stock you invested in might not give
you expected returns. It is always a good practice to think practically and stay away from the disappointment of unmatched unrealistic expectations.

3. Keeping a Record of All Investments: While trading in penny stocks, it is important to know how you have proceeded. Keeping a record of all your movements will not only benefit you in terms of maintaining a log of your investments, but also help you analyze your past decisions and take improved decisions in the future. To the right eye, all penny stocks can payout well in cash or in dividend stocks. However, the pink sheet trading world is a fickle one and needs to be dealt with patience and caution.

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