Trading on the stock market is an enticing and seductive proposition. However, if you do not have your basics in place, entering the stock market can actually be the worst decision you made in your life. If you are an individual who is not prepared in terms of both financial and personal habits, the stock market can take you in and spit you out in no time. This is why we have a set of steps that if followed, can make you battle-ready.

The 4 Step Battle Plan – Share Market Tips for Preparation and Initiation
1. Develop a Long Term Perspective towards Life: The core fundamental aspect behind becoming a successful stock market investor is to get your life into perspective, from a financial point of view. The best way to do so is to shift your focus from your account balance to your personal net worth. This is when you will start to realize the total value of everything you own, everything you can sell and debts that you are obligated to pay off. Once you know these things, you will be able to take decisions that are in the interest of your long-term success, rather than your short-term passions.

2. Get Rid of High-Interest Debts before you Jump In: When entering a volatile environment such as the stock market, it is a good trading practice to be free of any large or high-interest debts. These include credit-card debt, which is right at the top of the list, along with other debts that might be a heavy burden on your net worth. Even if you start earning on the stock market, a large part of your earnings will be spent on clearing off these debts. So why not clear them before, and reap the rewards in a more significant way?

3. Create and Design Efficient Spending Patterns: Before you start to research about ͞how to invest in stocks͟ you need to get your own personal spending habits into shape. One of the best ways to deal with inefficient spending habits and patterns is to cut down on avoidable expenses. Once you are disciplined in your own life from a financial perspective, you are ready to face the onslaught of the market.

4. Establish an Emergency Fund: If there was a Bible for ͞Investing for Beginners,͟ one of the first and foremost lessons from it would be that the art of stock trading is a risky one. Hence, the chances of you losing a large sum of money are high! This is why it is important to save up and create an emergency fund for yourself. Save up for this emergency fundso that you can use it for everyday expenses whenever you experience loss in the stock market.

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