For a new investor or trader, it is very difficult to trace the right kind of security and further decide on the time frame to buy, sell or hold the same. The analyst report runs through a number of pages and not everyone can understand and evaluate it.

Market heat maps make our task simpler and let us know the performance of shares through the means of attractive graphical representations. Nifty heat map helps track the shares or sectors that are pushing nifty up and down. The pictorial representation of the information helps a common man to make a decision for the concerned security. Through heat maps, you will be able to get an overview of market capitalization of stock, percentage change, number of stocks in a particular
sector or industry, number of stock advances and stock declines, unchanged stocks etc.

When used with larger data sets, heat maps are useful for identifying patterns, configuring scales, incorporating styling and rules, and include value boxes and tooltips. Heat maps are highly customisable and can display large variety of data according to specific properties like colour brightness, size, vertical/horizontal bars, aspect ratios, background images. It can support single or multiple dataset. Data item is presented on a heat map by a shape. The size and colour of each box is
determined by data for that item.

What makes heat maps so special?
This special instrument has unique visual attributes which remarkably outrights its acceptance over other
tools. Given below are the visual attributes which can help user to gain faster insight therein.

When human visual system sums the visual information visual aggregation takes place. This attribute can strengthen the aggregations occurring in the data models leading to faster insights. Visual summing occurs when all the shapes of the box are placed next to each other. Visual averaging occurs when colours are placed directly next to each other. With the help of Visual Relevance, Heat maps help users to concentrate on the most relevant data.

Furthermore, there are micro patterns which remain hidden on traditional charts and spreadsheets, heat maps helps users to find such patterns by showing individual data items and organizing the same in logical groups. Heat maps offer smart, simpler and effective methods to analyze the markets as compared to conventional ways.

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