What is EasyTradez app and how do I get it?

It is discount brokerage stock app, pay for Rs 20 flat on each transaction. You can easily get our app on playstore and apple store.

How is EasyTradez different from other stock brokers?

EasyTradez provides you detailed information about each stock like fundamentals, latest news, historical data and technical information. For novice investors, we provide a range of blogs and videos about the technical concepts and jargons used in capital markets.

I do not understand stocks. Can EasyTradez guide me?

Yes, with the help of videos and blogs EasyTradez will guide you in understanding the stock’s past performance, fundamentals, technical information etc. Based on these statistics, you can make informed investment choices.

Do you provide any stock tips and advisory?

Yes, you can check stock advisory and stock tip on tips section in our app.

Can I use EasyTradez before opening my demat account?

Yes, we provide EasyTradez guest login for users who do not have a Demat account.

How do I open an account with EasyTradez.

For online account opening, the following steps are required:
Click on the registration link
Fill the KYC form
Go for IPV
These three easy steps ensure that your account is opened within 15 minutes and the complete process is paperless.

What Are the Account Opening charges? And how will I pay them?

A/c opening Charges
Trading and Demat Account Opening Fee - ₹ 500
Brokerage Account AMC - ₹ 360
Demat Account AMC* - ₹ 200
You can pay the charges by using NEFT/RTGS, Instant payment gateway (Bill Desk) OR Cheque.

What is in-person verification (IPV)?

IPV is the process to verify your document which proves your identity like Government issued ID proof & Address proof.

Do I need to sign any documents?

We are opening your account by digital signature but you need to sign the Power of Attorney (POA) document. The POA will be couriered on your registered address. If you wish to ask for a nominee, the courier will include the nominee document as well as the POA document.

Can I link my existing demat account with EasyTradez?

Yes, you can link your existing Demat account with EasyTradez.

How will I know my Trading Account has been opened?

After completion of online registration process and the e-KYC process, you will receive a login ID and password on e-mail as well as SMS. You can login with those details and begin trading.

What if I am in college and wish to invest my pocket money, will I need my parent’s signature?

Yes, you can invest even if you are in college. However, you must be above 18 years and must have a bank account in your name.

What are the platforms available for Trading?

You can trade from EasyTradez mobile application, which is freely available on Google Playstore and App Store. You can also trade from your desktop / laptop by using our web platform.

What are trading hours?

Trading hours - Monday to Friday, 9.15am – 3.30 pm.

How will I know My Buy/Sell order has completed?

After the execution, you will receive a notification in the app. You also receive a SMS on your registered contact number, which will confirm the completion of the transaction.

What are the different products available for trading?

You can trade in Index, Futures & Options, and Currencies, with NSE Equity, NSE Derivatives, NSE Currency, BSE equity and BSE Derivatives.

How do I place a trade?

How do I place a trade?

Can I start trading as soon as my account is opened?

Yes, you can start trading once your account is opened.

Can I trade after markets are closed?

You cannot trade after markets are closed but you can place an AMO (After Market Order), which is executed once the market opens.

What are the types of trading orders, I can place?

Once your account is opened, you can place the following orders:

a) Intraday & Delivery

b) Day & IOC Order

c) Regular & AMO orders

What do Intraday & Delivery trading mean?

Intraday trading is when you buy and sell a stock within the same day. On the other hand, when you purchase shares and hold them overnight, it is known as delivery trading.

What is Day order & IOC Validity Type?

Day order allows you to buy and sell security, and if it is not filled during the trading session, it gets cancelled automatically on the same day. An IOC order allows you to buy or sell a security once the order is released into the market. However, if it fails, the order is removed from the market.

What are Regular and AMO orders?

Regular order is the order that is placed in the regular market hours between 9.15 a.m.-3.30 p.m. from Monday to Friday. After Market Order (AMO) helps you to place an order beyond the regular trading hours, which is executed when market opens the next time.

Can I also place a trade over a call?

Yes, you can place your order on a phone call. After execution of the order, you will receive a notification on the app as well as an SMS on your registered contact number.

What does Last Traded Price (LTP) mean?

The last traded price is simply the last buy / sale price of a particular security. It is also known as “Current Market Price”.

What are Bid Price and Ask Price?

When you sell a stock, the price received for that, is the bid price. When you plan to purchase a stock, the price you get for it is the ask price.

What is Market Depth?

Market Depth fundamentally, is the number of orders that are open for buying and selling of a particular security or a currency, at all the available prices. This indicator is used for determining the liquidity and the security of a particular security in the market. The depth of market for any security is high, if the number of buy and sell orders at various prices is high.

What are the different brokerage plans available?

You can choose either per trade model or a pre-paid monthly brokerage plan from the options available below:
Flat 20 / per trade
250 per month for 20 trades then Rs 20/ per trade
500 per month for 50 trades then Rs 20/ per trade
750 per month for 100 trades then Rs 20/ per trade
1000 per month- unlimited trade per segment

Can I Change my Brokerage Plan?

Yes, you can change your brokerage plan as per your convenience and communicate the same to us beforehand so that we can complete the formal procedure for the changes in the plan.

What benefits I will get, if I opt for monthly-unlimited plan?

In unlimited plan, you can place any number of trade orders with a fixed monthly brokerage of Rs. 1000 per month per segment. In case of other plans you will be restricted to certain number of trade orders as per the plan selected, after which you will be charged Rs. 20 for every order placed.

How do I view my subscription plan?

You can check it from the subscription plan in menu bar.

What is a watchlist and in how many ways can I sort it?

A ‘watchlist’ is your selected list of securities based on your investment preferences in your account.

You can sort your watchlist in the following two ways:
1) Rearrange
2) Hold the watchlist

What are trading limits and how can I see them?

Limits are the maximum price range at which you must buy or sell any security in the market during a trading session. The limits are imposed by the exchanges to protect against extreme volatility or manipulation within the markets. You can check them in the trade page and alerts.

How will I know when my stocks are in profits or losses?

You can check your profit/loss in account summary as realised gain (booked profit/loss) and unrealised gain (profit/loss which is not booked yet). Transaction wise profit/loss can be checked in holdings under the portfolio tab. You can also check your profit/loss in Net Position.

How do I view my daily transactions?

You can view your daily transactions in Today’s Position under Portfolio tab.

How do I see my holdings?

You can check your holdings in Order Book/Trade Book under Portfolio tab.

How can I modify or cancel a pending order?

Select “pending” under Portfolio tab which will show you all your pending orders. The same can be modified using the “Edit” option.

Where do I find my notification?

The bell icon, which is present on the top right corner of the app will provide you the notifications details.

How long does it take for funds to reflect in my account?

It will take T+ 1 day for funds to reflect in your account.

How do I link my existing Demat account?

You can link your existing Demat account with the KYC process.

How do I link multiple bank accounts in my existing EasyTradez account?

You can add multiple bank accounts from the Fund Transfer page in your existing EasyTradez account.

Can I transfer funds from my trading account?

Yes, you can. Fund transfer to bank from your trading account will be immediate
and for Demat account to your bank account, it will take T + 2 days.

How do I reset my password?

Once you go to the ‘settings’ menu, you can change your password by entering the details like client ID, old password and then reset it.

Where can I view reports?

To view the reports you need to select ‘report’ option from main menu. You can view and download your report from this page.

How do I change my Email ID or mobile number in my trading account?

There is an option to change your existing mobile number and e-mail ID under the ‘settings’ menu.

What is an 'Inter Depository' transaction?

Any transaction between the clients of two different depositories (i.e. CDSL & NSDL) is termed as ‘Inter Depository’ transaction.

How do I share feedback/suggestions/complaints?
We value your feedback and are always available to solve your grievances. We have the following options for you in our app for complaints suggestions and feedback:


1) Live chat
2) Call
3) Send us feedback